Insurance, Social Security & Veterans Claims

Insurance, Social Security & Veterans Claims in Maine

If you are a senior you have probably paid into an insurance plan or Social Security for years, but you do really understand what benefits you’re entitled to? Maybe you are former service member, are you receiving all of the benefits you deserve? We help our clients to get all of the benefits they paid for or earned.

Insurance, Social Security, Disability & Veterans’ Benefits in Maine

As a senior, the path to receiving your social security and disability benefits is not always straightforward. If you served in the armed forces, you may also want to explore veterans’ programs that could provide you with the benefits you need to improve your living situation. At Jackson & MacNichol, we can assist you in obtaining the insurance coverage you paid for and any disability or retirement benefits that you are entitled to. Our law office also offers advice regarding long term care insurance.

You worked, paid and served with the promise that you would receive certain benefits when you needed them. Are you receiving the benefits you deserve?

Our promise is that after you have met with our Maine estate planning attorneys, you will have a better understanding of the kinds of benefits that you are entitled to. With this understanding, you can work with our estate planning attorneys to get through the claims process and overcome denials.

Call a Maine Estate Planning Attorney to Schedule a Benefits Analysis.

At Jackson & MacNichol, we understand that insurance, disability, Social Security and veterans’ benefit claims can be a complicated and emotional process that quite literally will define your family’s future. That’s why we strive to focus on our individual clients’ needs, and are prepared to assist with every aspect of process. We are always just one phone call away. For a free consultation and benefits analysis, call us today at 207-360-8889.


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