Long Term Care & Nursing Home Planning in Maine

Planning for Long Term Care as You Age


We all reach the stage in life when we need to do more than contemplate long term care or nursing home care. Understanding how an estate plan, government benefits, private pensions, and insurance work is important if you hope to get the most out your lifetime of hard-work and to save your family from the burden of making long term care arrangements for you. Our Maine estate planning attorneys can help.

Long Term Care and Nursing Home Planning in Maine


Along with aging comes the risk of health issues that require in-home help, assisted living, and/or nursing home care. Clients and their families are concerned with maintaining as much independence as possible, obtaining high quality of care if the need arises, and saving their hard earned assets for their spouses and families. Up-to-date legal advice regarding long term care insurance, medical insurance, and public benefits such as Medicare, MaineCare (Maine’s Medicaid program), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Social Security benefits, is critical to best effectuate your goals. As part of this advice, we routinely assist in the MaineCare application process for nursing home, residential care, or community benefits.

Don’t burden your family with long term care planning?


Our promise is that after you have met with our Maine estate planning attorneys, you will have a better understanding of long term care and nursing home planning. With this understanding, you can work with our estate planning attorneys to craft an estate plan that will provide for your long term care without burdening your family.

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At Jackson MacNichol, we understand that estate planning can be a complicated and emotional process that quite literally will define your family’s future. That’s why we strive to focus on our individual clients’ needs, and are prepared to assist with every aspect of planning or settling an estate. We are always just one phone call away. For a free consultation about the estate planning process, call us today at 207-360-8889.


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